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Introduction of   POY Air Transformer

一、 机器概况Machine overview:

1、 本机是利用压缩空气对喂入的长丝进行变形加工,根据加工工艺的不同可生产平行丝,皮芯丝,异收缩丝,膨化丝等,被广泛应用于工业丝、缝纫线、家庭装饰、汽车坐垫、墙布、地毯、服装衬底、箱包、鞋的面料,由于其产品的风格独特,加工成本低,产量高,已引起强烈关注。

可加工原料为涤纶,丙纶,棉纶,黏胶,人造纤维,玻璃纤维等。This machine uses compressed air to deform the fed filaments. According to the different processing techniques, it can produce parallel filaments, sheath-core filaments, different shrinkage filaments, expanded filaments, etc. It is widely used in industrial filaments, sewing threads,   Home decoration, car cushions, wallcoverings, carpets, clothing substrates, luggage, and shoe fabrics have attracted strong attention due to their unique product styles, low processing costs and high output.

   Processable raw materials are polyester, polypropylene, cotton, viscose, rayon, glass fiber, etc.


Main technical specifications

⑴ 机器形式:双面操作

Machine form: double-sided operation

⑵ 节数:10节

   Number of sections: 10 sections

⑶ 锭数:160 锭

No.of spindles: 160 spindles

⑷ 造纺纤维密度:50~1000D

   Spinning fiber density:50~1000D

⑸ 最大机械速度:1000m/min

   Maximum mechanical speed: 1000m/min

⑹ 卷线筒管尺寸 :Φ 75*290mm

   Spool size:Φ 75 x 290 mm

⑺ 卷装尺寸:Φ250*250mm

   Roll size: Φ250*250mm

⑻ 卷装重量:5kg左右

   Roll weight: about 5kg

⑼ 装机功率42KW、实际功率30KW左右

   Installed power 42KW, actual power about 30KW

⑽ 机器外形尺寸:17150 * 8900 * 3440(长*宽*高)包括丝架

   Machine dimensions: 17150 * 8900 * 3440(length * Width * Height) frame contain

⑾ 接入压缩空气:8~10kg/㎡

   Connect to compressed air: 8 ~ 10kg/㎡


   The flow rate is 0.12m³ per spindle per minute (No. 2 nozzle)

二、 产能工艺计算:

Production capacity process calculation:

举例:如生产320D ,输出速度380m/min,160锭

Example: If 320D is produced, output speed is 380m/min, 160 spindles

三、 工艺设定范围Process setting range


Generally suitable for spinning yarn count: 70D~600D;


Spinning speed: 200m/min~380m/min;

四、 机械性能及有关电器配置Mechanical performance and related electrical equipment configuration

⑴ 传动系统采用交流电机驱动,由PLC控制各变频器进而控制交流电机的转速,各轴间采用同步齿形带传动方式,保证传动可靠。